My GitHub Pages

There are several GitHub repositories below for your reference as first step. I hope my works can help you to understand all those concepts and algorithms:

 »AI«  includes my implementations of classical A.I. algorithms, like Alpha-Beta Pruning, Propositional Logic, and decision networks (Not yet complete).

 »Machine Learning«  includes my implementations of machine learning algorithms, programs demostrate how to use scikit-learn, and tensorflow frameworks.

 »Spark«  include A-priori and SON, ALS with UV Decomposition, TF-IDF with K-Means, Matrix Multiplication by Two Phases approach, and Minhash and Locality-Sensitive Hash (LSH).

 »Information Visualization«  includes my codes for D3js, R, ggplot2.

 »Knowledge Graph«  include utilities programs like JSONLines package program, facebook crawler, information extraction, and a final project to combine all those techniques and machine learning algorithm to predict the trend of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in next day and next 30 day.

 »Neural Language Processing«  include tagging program based on HMM-Viterbi with add one smoothing for transition probability, Good Turing smoothing / rule base algorithm for unknown words, Naive Bayes classifier on sentiment analysis of reviews, and Perceptron binary classifier on sentiment analysis of reviews.