My name is Cheng-Lin (Clark) Li. I received my Master of Scientist in Viterbi School of Engineering from University of Southern California (USC) in May 2018. My research areas focus on data informatics especially in A.I., machine learning, natural language processing with big data. I have 20 years of proven records as a software developer, designer, analyst, and manager at international companies with impactful business deliveries. These records demonstrate my knowledge, leadership and execution capabilities can help my team to conquer real-world challenges.

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More Information

I am a data scientist, machine learning engineer, enabler from abstract concepts to business actions. I love to share what I learn to team and apply the right techniques to achieve business goals. I led a team to build and operate #1 ranked portal and trading websites for B2C and B2B clients at Asset Management industry in Taiwan for 16 years. I realize the era of data is coming from a project with a data scientist team in JP Morgan around 2014. I resigned from my job and went back to school to learn the state-of-the-art techniques in data scientist areas.

My Projects

I am full vigor in acquiring machine learning and data science knowledge for my career. Recently I just built a pipeline in 4 weeks for computer vision project to enable the research by enhancing Capsule Nets on image segmentation tasks. I prove myself as a lifelong learner by actions, combines a data scientist skills with abundant engineering, management experience. This is my blog to discuss A.I., machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs (Project: Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Prediction with Social Media Information), information visualization (Project: Busyness Cycle) and data mining. Click here for more projects.

My GitHub Pages

There are several implementations of repositories on GitHub for your reference as the first step. I hope my works can help you to understand all those concepts, algorithms and enable your own ideas:

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